They say it takes a village. And this is community helping community, and it will hopefully make you smile.

Certainly, give you a sense of community.

We have all seen those Knights Of Columbus members out in front of stores, wearing their yellow aprons with donation boxes and when you donate they offer you a handful of tootsie rolls.

It all adds up. The Knights of Columbus  with that money from the tootsie rolls,  donates the money to different community things. For many years, the Old Town knights of Columbus  has made very generous donations to the Pine Tree Camp via the Q106.5 Egg Ride.

Tootsie Rolls

And here is another example of how the Knights of Columbus spend the money raised selling tootsie roll candy.

They have come to the aid of another non profit.

First to back up. Knights of Columbus was responsible for donating the money for the UCP of Maine’s Elizabeth Levinson Center’s swimming pool.

Now UCP of Maine, Director of Long Term Care Services Andrew Cassidy shares

We are very appreciative of this donation, it will be used towards the repair of our pool liner

Knights of Columbus comes through yet again.

Google Maps
Google Maps

UCP of Maine’s Elizabeth Levinson Center is a 14 bed intermediate care facility providing long term residential care for medically fragile  children and young adults with significant cognitive and medical needs.

Knights of Columbus and their Tootsie Roll drive is officially titled the ‘Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities’ during which local councils collect donations  from donors who are offered Tootsie Rolls as a token of thanks.

Community helping Community.

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