As the temperatures cool and the leaves turn and drop we are reminded once again this year, that it is fall. And we know what is coming next.

So it is a great time of the year to find a reason to celebrate the glorious season in Maine known as Summer. A.K.A. – Concert Season.

Maine Savings Amphitheater has announced another concert for next season. Q106.5 welcomes Tyler Childers to Maine on July 5th, 2024.

The tour is called the Mule Pull ’24 Tour.

Tyler Childers with special guests.

What a way to spend the 4th of July weekend next year, at Maine Savings Amphitheater. The concert is Friday, July 5, 2024.  Ticket pre-sale is next Thursday, Oct 12. Tickets are on sale Friday the 13th.

Will it sell out? Wouldn’t bet against it. He sold out at Thompson’s Point in August when he was last in Maine.

Before the tickets go on sale, we have 4 packs of tickets to give away.

You’ll need the Q106.5 app.

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And you will need to listen to Q106.5 this weekend. We will have codes for you to enter below on Saturday and also on Sunday.  Chances to win 4 packs of tickets on both days.

When you hear the code words, enter them below.

Speaking of the weather for this weekend.  Let’s hear some Tyler Childers.

Win this weekend. Enjoy the winter. See you next summer along the Bangor Waterfront.

Oh and before that, keep listening to win concert tickets for next season, before you can buy them on Q106.5

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