Two Maine natives were on the field in Houston last night, as part of the Super Bowl, but had very different roles.

Trevor Bates is a Westbrook native, and a former University of Maine football player. A year ago, he was just hoping to get drafted by an NFL team. That dream came true when he was picked up by the Colts in April, but was dropped from the roster after just one game. That opened the door for the New England Patriots, who signed him up. Bates was in uniform on the sidelines last night when the Patriots won another Super Bowl title in Houston. Not a bad start to an NFL career, sporting a Super Bowl ring!

Before the game got started, a Maine native was a part of the festivities. Staff Sergeant August Ramon O'Neill ran the flag out onto the field in front of the Atlanta Falcons. O'Neill is a native of Stonington who lost his leg due to injuries in Afghanistan, but he's now back on duty with the U.S. Air Force Para-rescue.

Thanks to these two men for so proudly representing Maine at the Big Game. And to Maine-ly Sandwiches for serving up lobster rolls, whoopie pies, and Moxie to the Houston crowd. Go, Pats! And Go, Maine!

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