Baseball is back. Basketball and Hockey next. Bruins have a legit shot at winning the Cup. And then Football. Back on television, but isn’t that how we watch 99% of the time anyway. And I know there’s no fans in the stadium, and the crowd noise sounds a tad phony, but basically who cares. We get to watch baseball, and soon the other sports in our living rooms.

I remember my high school summer time job was with the Post Office. And one of the supervisors was driving me out to my walk or route, so I could deliver the mail and we drove by a cemetery. And he said ‘see all those people in there, lots of those people thought the world couldn’t do without them, and we’re doing fine’. I thought about it, and got his point. We’re all only a cog, not necessarily the most important part, do your thing and everything works out. Don’t upset the apple cart.

He was the same man that said people love to complain. Boy what would he think about Facebook if he was still alive. He said to me that people like to complain so much if you told them don’t come to work anymore. Just come every second week to pick up your paycheck, but you don’t have to do any actual work, within a month they’d ask if you could deliver the paycheck. Smart man he was.

Anyway. Nobody needs to hear all the complaints about the piped in crowd noise, or the stadiums that have cardboard cut-outs in the stands. It’s what we got. Can’t we just enjoy it? Go Sox, Go Bruins, Go Celtics, Go Pats. I for one am glad sports is back, and hopefully it’s for good.

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