The 2022 season at Speedway 95 will include truck racing on Wacky Wednesday's.

With snow currently blanketing the track, the racing season is months away. However, if you want to get in on a new division of racing, the time is now to start making preparations. Truck racing will return to Speedway 95 in Hermon this year. The newly revamped division will take to the track on "Wacky" Wednesday nights.

Those interested in racing trucks should read over the newly released division rules.

Some basics on what trucks can be modified to race include:

  • Trucks must be 1973 or newer.
  • Trucks must be full-size rated.
  • A minimum 115” wheelbase is mandatory.
  • Trucks must have a full stock steel bed, with a tailgate in place, and welded shut.
  • No flatbeds are permitted.

Updated rules for the 2022 racing season, for all divisions, can be found online.

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Wacky Wednesday opening night is set for June 15, Saturday racing begins May 7.

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