It's hard to believe that the troop greeting has been going on since Desert Storm. People started going to Bangor International Airport to greet troop planes, shaking hands, hugging, and welcoming soldiers home. Since then, the Maine Troop Greeters have become internationally known, and they've amassed a huge collection of memorabilia from all those military personnel. That's when the idea of a museum to display it all was born.

Construction is underway in the BIA terminal, but it's going to take about $25,000 in funding to be able to complete it before Veteran's Day this year. That's the target date for the grand opening, so the volunteers are hoping folks will pitch in and help them reach it.

Folks can make a donation through the Maine Troop Greeters GoFundMe page, or through their website. They've given so much to our community, including displaying a generous and patriotic spirit to soldiers from across the country. Here's a great chance for us to give back to them.

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