Tracy Lawrence has been releasing country music and entertaining audiences for over two decades, but he says his current show is the best he’s every been a part of. The Taste of Country Music Festival performer recently put the band to the test, asking a group of stage players to record his biggest hits for his Greatest Hits: Evolution album.

“I wanted them to have that magic that we produce live with everybody’s personality in it and try to reproduce that in the studio,” Lawrence tells Taste of Country Nights of the new recordings.

“I feel like I’m at a place right now where I’ve got the best band that I’ve ever had.”

Lawrence’s June 13 stop in Hunter, N.Y., comes during a mini-tour of the northeast. That hasn’t historically been a hot part of the country for him, but he’s excited to return, both for the festival and the beautiful scenery that surrounds the mid-state New York venue. If you’re looking for Lawrence before a show, try a local golf course. The low-80s shooter says that’s how he kills time before he plays.

The Evolution album takes a fresh swipe at his biggest hits and shows how he’s evolved as a man, singer and artist. In 1991 he didn’t have kids, but these days they take up a good chunk of his time. Actually, his wife is responsible for much of the shuttling around —two of his daughters are involved in a very competitive dance team. And they’re homeschooled, which keeps everyone busy.

“I’m the father that makes volcanoes and shoots rockets into the air,” Lawrence says. “I plan the field trips.”

The third-annual Taste of Country Music Festival is June 12-14 in Hunter, N.Y., and features headliners Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and Toby Keith.

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