Fake money was recently used in Bucksport. The fraudulent cash can be easy to overlook.

The town of Bucksport is spreading a word of caution to area businesses. Recently fake money has been used for purchases at the town office and transfer station. In a Facebook post by the town of Bucksport, they caution local businesses that extra attention should be paid to even small denominations of cash.

It's common practice for stores to check bills $20 and up for authenticity. The fake cash that has been found in Bucksport clearly says "Motion Picture Use" near the top of the bill. However, the marking could be easy to miss if one wasn't looking closely.

Bucksport police are aware of the circulation of the prop cash, and have started a file on the occurrence. Finding the person or persons responsible for passing the fake money is a difficult task, however.

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If anyone receives fake cash they are urged to report it to the police.

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