The Bangor Police Department's Facebook page is a good place to go if you're looking for a laugh, or at least some tongue-in-cheek commentary on the Queen City residents who tend to run afoul of the law.

In a Thursday post, the department told the story of a woman who was charged with shoplifting after allegedly pilfering some "naughty underthings" from a local store. The woman, whose name was not given, also was charged with violating her bail conditions.

Police say she just happens to be the same woman behind a semi-nude cleaning service in the area (as advertised in the photo above.)

Sgt. Tim Cotton, who runs the department's page, advised would-be patrons of the cleaning service to make other arrangements.

"I have no idea if there are any other FTE’s involved in the company plan, but if you did have your heart set on a full 'top to bottom' cleaning of your crib, you might want to grab a mop-because this woman won’t be showing up with buckets and sponges anytime soon," he wrote.

We'll try to update this story if we have time.

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