Actually, all of May has been the first annual 'Stop the Bleed' month, and sadly, could not be more important in this day and age. In 2012 after the Sandy Hook shooting, a group of individuals from law enforcement, the medical community, and the federal government got together to see what they could do to improve the chances of folks surviving a mas-casualty event.

Their belief was that if bystanders/survivors of such an event were properly trained on how to stop massive bleeding, people would stand a better chance of survival. Often times, in a mass shooting situation for instance, because of the immediate danger, it can be hard for first-responders to get to a scene. But if people at the scene were better prepared to stop bad bleeding, chances of survival would be much greater.

Since today is National Stop The Bleed Day, Northern Light eastern Maine Medical Center is helping out by distributing information to patients, visitors, and staff, about what they can take to help, because often the primary cause of death after injury is bleeding. They've brought their training program to many organizations over the last couple years, giving over 1,100 people proper training in how to stop bleeding.

And this isn't just useful in the context it's kind of presented. Think about it. you could just be driving down the road, and come upon an accident where authorities haven't shown up yet. If someone were suffering from a major injury with massive bleeding, if you were properly trained on how to stop bleeding, you just might save someone's life.

Or maybe you work in a factory, or on a construction site. Heck, even a kitchen. I've seen a dude lose his finger in a freak kitchen accident. and luckily, someone there had some EMT training and was able to stop the bleeding for him. So there is no shortage of places and situations that this training could be helpful.

In life threatening situations, first aid is always key. the quicker it can be given, the greater chance of saving lives. If you hear about one of these classes being held near you, don't hesitate. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is constantly coordinating with law enforcement, local first responders, and schools. So you just might be able to be trained to save a life. Can you think of anything more important?


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