When former U.S. Senator from Maine, George Mitchell, resigned as the special U.S. envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 2011, President Barack Obama thanked him for his service saying he had the "toughest job imaginable."

After all, the conflict in the Middle East has been raging for years.

Today, as negotiations begin again between the Israelis and Palestinians, and Egypt boils over with protests by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the U.S. shuts down embassies, one man says we've got it all wrong.

Reza Kahlili, former CIA spy, and author of A Time to Betray, says if we truly want to achieve peace in the Middle East, and stop the spread of radical Islam, we must deal with Iran, and it doesn't require another war if our leaders get smart and serious about sanctions, and soon.

Kahlili says once again the United States is being duped by a well orchestrated plan to destabilize the Middle East and devastate our economy in the United States by drawing us into wars and conflicts.

Kahlili says the U.S. should not be so gullible to believe Iran's new leadership is more moderate and will be more open to negotiating in order to ease sanctions on the Iranian people. All this negotiating just buys them more time to develop their nuclear weapons programs with the intent of holding the world hostage.

Kahlili says the vast majority of Iranian people are tired of the regime and reject the religion it preaches, which is a radicalized and violent interpretation of Islam that calls for the destruction of Israel and the West.

Kahlili says the United States needs to get much tougher on sanctions on Iranian oil and should demand that companies in Russia and China are not able to do business with the country either.

He goes on to suggest that shutting down airspace to Iranian Airlines, shutting down ports to Iranian ships, and providing a means for members of the Iranian military to defect would help to bring down the Iranian regime.

These steps, according to Kahlili, ultimately would free the oppressed people of Iran, create harmony in the Middle East, and eliminate the violence perpetrated by the radical Mullahs who believe it's their religious duty to usher in the 12th Imam, Mahdi, who, with Jesus by his side, will kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam through the world.