It's a perfect day for the Fall Foliage Tour at the Thomas Hill Standpipe!

This is one of my two favorite standpipe tours. I love the sunset tour, when the standpipe is open later and you get those beautiful sunset views. And I look forward to the fall foliage views in the Autumn. You never really appreciate how many trees there are in Bangor until you're standing above them, looking down. You can see in this video that I put together after the Spring tour, just how many trees there are!

For anyone who's never been to the standpipe, it's located on Thomas Hill, off Union Street in Bangor. Thomas Hill Road sits between James and Jackson Streets, and intersects Union Street right at the top of the hill, by the pool. It's about 100 steps to the top (or 106.5, as Scott Miller likes to say!) and there are a couple of places where you can stop, get out of other people's way, and catch your breath. Once at the top, the walkway is wide and spacious, with high walls that make it a very safe vantage point.

And you won't believe what you can see! All the way to Mt. Katahdin on a clear day! It's free to visit this historic landmark, but is only open for four tours a year, one for each season. This is one of the best and it's happening between 3 and 6 this afternoon. Don't miss it!

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