I'll admit it. I'm the kind of guy that never really gave a second thought as to where batteries are supposed to go when they die. I just assumed the trash can was the official battery graveyard. When they ran out, I used to just chuck 'em.

That is, until my wife and I moved in together when we started dating. Whenever you move in with someone the first time, there's always that breaking in period where you learn each other's living habits and such. I had no idea that my wife was apparently the ultimate authority on recycling. Literally on recycling anything. Sure I used to take my bottles back, but I had the ulterior motive of making some cash back on the deal.

But as I navigated our first months of living together, seemingly everything had it's place in the bin. Except batteries. The way I found this out, was when she caught me chucking a couple of Nickel-metal hydride batteries. Just standard rechargeable AA batteries. I'd re-used them enough times that they wouldn't hold a charge anymore.

So as I was preparing to toss them into the trash, it was like my wife went into movie-style slow motion, screaming "Nnnnnnnoooooooooo!!!!!" And of course I gave her that look of total confusion as to what she could possibly be doing wrong. turns out, for instance, NiMH batteries can start a fire if they come into contact with metal. So just tossing them in the trash actually has potentially dangerous consequences if it should touch a piece of foil or anything like that. Who knew? Well, she did.

Now what's some out-of-touch environment hater like me supposed to do if we decide it's time to get on the recycling train? Well, you could start by going to Earth911.com and search for where you can dispose of such things. I did a battery search for the Bangor area and found dozens of places to get rid of your old batteries, TV's, cell phones, electronics, etc.

So for the love of all that is good in the world, and if you want to save yourself from your spouse or parent who is protecting the planet enough for all of us, check out this website. Besides, it's time you got rid of all those dead batteries, or get that old Nokia that's been sitting in your desk for 11 years where it needs to go. But get it in the right place. Then you're the one finally protecting the planet!

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