I'm not sure why this photo resonated with me so much. Maybe because it looks so cold and desolate. And I suppose because where snow is involved, all bets are off. Clearing snow, I would imagine, leads to all kinds of stories about things you've buried, things you've hit, or maybe things that have just seemingly disappeared.

This sad straggler was caught outside Rising Tide Brewery in Portland. Which means it's fairly far from home. Whole Foods is several blocks away, so did this get dragged by more than one plow? Probably not, but I'd like to think so. Like some city plow smashed it and dragged it all over. That'd rule.

I think that's what happened to this shopping cart. From one side of the snow bank, it would be totally invisible. Or as you can see from my friend's photo, 100% visible from the other side. But my question will be, did the plow guy know it was there? Because it would take a little bit of effort to get it all the way up there.

Maybe not tons, but some. I'd also like to believe maybe some young ruffians playing King of the Mountain dragged it up there as their trusty steed. Better still, maybe some Jackass wannabes that dragged it up there to ride down, and then chickened out. Sure, the likely story is that it got swept up with a bucket truck bucket full of snow.

But the other scenarios are much more fun to imagine playing out. After all, it's winter. If you can't have a good time doing slightly crazy things, when can you? You can blame it on the cold, cabin fever, or any other host of winter-shut-in related excuses. Either way, that thing ain't coming down til spring.

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