He jumps snow banks in all denim, his mullet flying in the wind. Check out some of these stunts from Larry Enticer a.k.a. Denim Danger! 

With a little liquid encouragement and an excited crowd Enticer attempted to break a world record for snowmobile jumping. In the video above you can see his attempt, and when things don't quite go as planned he keeps a great attitude and gets back on the sled!

Enticer has become an online sensation known for his wild stunts, flowing hair, and Canadian tuxedo. Comments on his videos say things like "out of the forest of Ontario, sledding into our hearts" and "Danger Denim is the hero we didn't know we needed". Some are even calling him their spirit animal!

See Enticer sail through the sky on his trusty, but rusty snowmobile on his youtube. Or follow him on his Facebook where he has almost 60,000 likes!

Even though Danger Denim lives in Canada we think he would fit right in here in Maine and we welcome him to ride through or over our snowbanks any time!


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