There's nothing that gives me more anxiety than double, triple, and quadruple-check things that the public will listen to or read.

And it's in situations like this where that becomes even more evident.

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Here's the story of the unfortunate flub-up made by the publication "Maine Boats, Homes & Harbor Magazine " a year ago.

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According to its website, the issue is #178, Volume #35, Number 5, the September/October 2022 publication.

On the cover of this particular issue, read:

"Who says getting older means you have to stop boating? Not this couple!"

The website said that the lucky "cover couple" was Ruth and Herb Weiss. And they truly couldn't look more excited to be boating on the cover of this lovely publication.

"Ruth and Herb Weiss have proven that getting older doesn't mean you have to stop cruising the coast."

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary magazine, touting the benefits and wonder involved with being on the water on the coast of Maine.

Upon closer inspection, when you go to read the title a little more closely, you notice the error... and then can't unsee it.

The person in charge of putting the composition of the words and photo overlooked one very important detail: Ruth's head is situated very unfortunately over the "M" in the word "Homes", which does the disservice of changing that word from "Homes" to "Hoes" see where I'm going with this?

Of course, you would hope that this wasn't missed by more than one individual, but there's a good chance it was. Either that or someone with an exceptionally juvenile sense of humor thought "This is such a great idea!" and let it slide.

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It doesn't help that the John C. Reilly and Will Ferrel cult classic movie  "Step Brothers" features a rap video the main characters put together called, you guessed it, "Boats and Hoes". (I'll let you Google that on your own, so as to not get you in trouble with your boss. There's definitely some explicit language in the song. But if you're a fan of the movie, you already know this.)

The lesson here: Always proofread before you publish. I speak from experience. I know we're not all perfect, and the tools we have to "help" us, like spell-check and autocorrect, can sometimes "hoes" us. But if the person who put this together had taken just a moment to look this cover over, I'm guessing they would have caught this...I would hope.

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