Stephen King has released a 32-page story, "Laurie," on his website. The story, a touching look at the relationship of an old man and his new puppy, is dedicated to the King family dog Vixen, who passed away earlier this spring.

While the story's description might not sound like typical King fare, no worries, fans. It definitely bears the mark of the Bangor author.

King, of course, is a dog lover. He regularly posts about the exploits of Molly, whom he's dubbed "The Thing of Evil." His wife's dog, Vixen, he explained on social media, was "The Thing of Good," and an inspiration to the story.

We won't get into the plot details of "Laurie" right here. We don't want to ruin any surprises (and there's one coming!)

Thanks for the story, Stephen King. We're sorry to hear about Vixen.

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