Check Maine's Unclaimed Property List to see if you might have some cash waiting for you in a forgotten account.

It was a banner year for the Unclaimed Property department, which handed out more than $18.5 million dollars to Maine residents during the 2018 fiscal year. Over 44,000 claims were processed, according to WVII-TV, from the small, $10 payouts, to some worth $750,000.

The money isn't being paid by the state, but is actually money that belongs to residents that they've neglected to collect. It could be a bank account that you forgot about or an insurance reimbursement that was never collected.

Take a few minutes today and check to see if your name is on the unclaimed property list, because the state still has $238 million in unclaimed property. It doesn't cost anything to look, but could give you a nice little unexpected bonus.

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