These days, all you have to do is say the word 'government' and it pretty much causes a lot of people to freak out, if not start arguing about the dumbest things. But when I read that the state is considering no longer taking taxes out of your check for you overtime pay. If you're on salary, you obviously don't care that much. But for us hourly wage workers, it sounds pretty freakin' awesome.

State Rep. Chad Grignon had this to say before the state Committee on Taxation recently, according to WMTW-TV8:

I submitted this bill on behalf of all working Mainers who put in more than 40 hours a week and deserve to take home more of what they earn. That being said, working overtime should not be viewed as something we wish to see discouraged. In my opinion exempting overtime pay from taxation should reflect the sacrifices that working Mainers make going beyond the 40-hour threshold.

More money in your paycheck is something that, I would like to believe, is universally appreciated. It's nice to see the state may have our backs on this one. By the way though, don't get too excited, because the federal government is still going to take their share. There's nothing we can do on a state level about what taxes the feds collect.

Still, a few more bucks in the bank is just what this internet doctor ordered! But for now let's just see if they can pull it off....



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