There is a lot of diversity in the State of Maine's sixteen counties.  As you probably know, the more southern counties are a lot more developed than the state's northern counties.  Additionally, the incomes in the southern part of the state tend to be quite a bit higher than the northern and central counties.

For example, Cumberland, Sagadahoc, and York counties have the highest rates of income in the state.  The median household income of each is above $55,000 per year.

On the other hand, Washington, Aroostook, and Somerset counties have some of the lowest incomes in the state.

But, what county has the lowest median household income?  The answer is Piscataquis County.

According to Wikipedia, the county, located in the northern-central part of the state (just below Aroostook County), has a median household income of about $34,000 per year.  On top of that, it is also the least populated county.  It has just about 17,000 in 7,800 households.

While the county is extremely sparsely populated and is far from any major towns or cities, it still has a lot of offer.


An Outdoorsman's Paradise

One of the biggest things the county has going for it is Baxter State Park.  Set up on land donated by Maine Governor Percival Baxter, the park encompasses about 200,000 acres of forests, rivers, and mountains.  In fact, it is home to Mount Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine.

Clay Banks / Unsplash
Clay Banks / Unsplash


A Boater's Paradise

In addition to Baxter State Park, the county is also home to Moosehead Lake.  The second largest lake in New England, it encompasses about 1,200 square miles.  On top of being a boaters' paradise, the lake is also home to an annual seaplane fly-in.

Susan MacPhee / Unsplash
Susan MacPhee / Unsplash

The lake is also filled with islands.  There are over eighty islands in the lake!  The largest of these is Sugar Island, which is about four miles long and two miles wide.  The island about covers 4,200 acres.


Baxter State Park and Moosehead Lake are only two of the many things that Piscataquis County has going for it.  If you love outdoor adventure, you really need to plan a visit to Greenville and surround towns.

Where is your favorite place to adventure in Maine?  Let us know by sending a message through our app or on Facebook.

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