Oh oh, here’s something I’ve never heard of and I had to google it. Or has it faded in popularity that I’m just not old enough to know about it. My google search, “What is a May Basket”  Answer:

May baskets are small baskets that have traditionally been left on the doorsteps or hung on the doorknobs of friends, family, and neighbors on the first day of May. They are often filled with treats, flowers, and other small gifts, and in some cases, can be used to express romantic interest.

The Not So Empty Nest is a gift shop in the Judson Height Center Mall at 1209 Broadway in Bangor and they are trying to bring back this lost art. Making a May Basket for someone. It’s two-fold, it’ll be simple and fun to participate in the making of May Baskets, and it’ll spread cheer to those who might need a lift on May 1st, or anytime. Not hard to think of someone who would get joy from receiving a May Basket.

The workshop event will take place at ‘The Nest’ on Saturday April 24th. Each do it yourselfer will be provided with everything needed for the project, except the actual candy that goes into the finished basket. Covid 19 pre-cautions will be in effect at the store. And there will be several completed styles to help with inspiration for your creativity.  There is a charge to participate of $7.50 per basket.

Here’s to the comeback of the tradition of May Baskets.

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