An elf challenge has been considered and accepted here in the Bangor area by none other than Nite Show host Dan Cashman and his new sidekick Christie Robinson.

Dressed up as the Will Ferrill in his classic Buddy the Elf costume, Dan and Christie are shooting around Bangor to capture lots of challenges that they take on with good humor and good fun.

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I'm especially fond of Christie's face as she's doing a near full split holding it all the way to the top of the escalator at the Bangor International Airport. Equally as entertaining is Dan pranking his mom for a bit for his TV show. *SPOILER ALERT* she already knows something is up and calls Dan out on it.

Check out the challenge where they take on multiple scenes throughout one of America's most beloved Christmas movies

The various elf challenges they take on include:

  • Riding an escalator whilst doing a nearly full split
  • Yelling 'Santa!' really loud followed by 'I know him!'
  • Asking people what their favorite color is when you answer the phone
  • Running with your eyes covered into the wall
  • Chugging a 2 liter of Coca-Cola and burping then asking if 'You heard that?'
  • Crossing a crosswalk via jumping on every single line across the road
  • Loading a plate of spaghetti up with chocolate syrup, maple syrup, marshmallows, M&Ms, and various other sweet things and eating it up.
  • Synchronized dancing to 'Whoop, There It Is'

Now, the question is, which of these 'Elf Challenges' would you most like to take on yourself?

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