We're so grateful to the Easter Bunny, who brought us fun, outdoor activities to keep us entertained and physically fit during isolation.

My husband, Jim and I have hit that point in the governor's stay-at-home directive where we're looking for things to do. I've been doing some organizing around the house and he's been shopping online for motorcycles. We've started to run out of shows to binge watch and begun re-watching the DVD's in our vast collection. But, truthfully, we've been searching for a new and safe distraction to occupy our time while at home.

Lo and behold, the Easter Bunny delivered it to our doorstep. Well, actually it was delivered to our bedroom window. The weekend storm took down several large trees in our yard, including a couple that narrowly missed our house and our outdoor oil tank. We have a beloved old tree leaning over our driveway that will need to be removed before it falls, blocking our exit. (although, that would certainly keep us at home) And there are a few other, smaller trees that sustained damage.

Cindy Campbell. Townsquare Media
Cindy Campbell. Townsquare Media

What a great idea. That Easter Bunny is so clever. We will have plenty to do over the next week or so, cutting up the trees, stacking the wood, and hauling away brush. As we pile the logs at the edge of our lot, we'll be dreaming of summertime gatherings around our fire pit, of roasted marshmallows and guitar serenades by firelight. But, for the record, Bunny dear, we're good. Please spare the rest of our forest in today's rainstorm and give us time to recoup our beautiful yard.

If anyone needs me, I'll be oiling the chainsaw.

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