For the most part, we have survived yet another Browntail Moth season. I have to admit a few times, driving the lawn tractor, I got close to a few low-hanging branches that I was terrified were covered in them. But I was just being paranoid. But it turns out in some areas, it was nothing to worry about at all.

Thanks to less-than-stellar weather this past spring, some areas had a bloom of fungus, that proved to be fatal to the caterpillars. You may remember, back a few months ago, scientists were predicting it was going to be one of the worst years ever for them. But thanks to the spread of this fungus, many nests were decimated, according to

It's about time some good came from what an absolutely crappy spring we had. As it is, it's made for one of the worst years for black flies and mosquitoes yet. And lord knows, roads were no good either. So to finally hear that one good thing came from the failure of a spring we had, is music to my ears. Even if it doesn't matter now.

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