The Dairy Port in Bucksport will be opening for its 2022 season in just a few weeks, and they want YOU to help them pick an opening weekend flavor!

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

The plan, according to the Dairy Port Facebook Page, is to have folks vote for their favorite flavor in a bracket style, pitting the winners of each bracket against each other until one remains.

"Voting is open for round one for our opening weekend flavor. Choose which flavor you like better in each matchup to help that flavor advance to the next round. The ultimate champion will be crowned our opening weekend flavor!"

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Some of the flavors being voted on, according to the Dairy Port website include Red and Black Raspberry, Maple, Lemon, Mocha, Cotton Candy, and Coffee. You can see the full bracket breakdown there, too.

To vote for the 2022 Sweet Sixteen Opening Weekend Flavor, you can do so through their Facebook Page or right on their website. They'll even let you vote multiple times.

"You can vote 10 times per IP address. Let your kids and other family member cast their votes too!"

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Dairy Port has been a summertime staple in the Bucksport area for over 65 years. Sitting at 79 Main Street for decades, it's not unusual to find a line spanning the block on weekends when they're open.

Specializing in homemade soft serve, but carrying plenty of Giffords hard serve, too, The Dairy Port will officially open for business the weekend of Saturday, April 2nd/Sunday April 3rd.

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Are you ready to become an ice cream emperor? Well, Spencer's might be the shop for you.

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