In case you missed it, former Boston Red Sox lead-off man and outfielder (turned New York Yankee) Johnny Damon was arrested in Orlando a few weeks ago. According to the officer that pulled him over, he was driving pretty erratically and even drove over a curb at one point, which is never something you want to do in front of an officer (or in general -- easy way to pop a tire or destroy your alignment and undercarriage!)

Even though the arrest was a few weeks back, the body cam video of his arrest was just released, and it goes from pretty calm to pretty wild at the drop of a hat. It starts out with the officer recapping everything he saw Johnny do, and it seems to cut in right around where the officer would've asked Johnny if he was drinking.

In the middle of the officer talking to Johnny, his wife randomly decides to get out of the car, regardless of the multiple times he told her to stay in. Johnny, honestly just trying to help the officer, kept trying to tell her to get back in the car, too, but by doing that he was ignoring the officer's request to stay put (also repeatedly.) That's when Johnny's wife stormed passed the officer, which caused her to flip out when he tried to stop her, which somehow caused Johnny to get involved and the arrested for not only DUI, but resisting arrest without violence (which you can see toward the end of the video -- all while dropping a "Bro, Blue Lives Matter." No, seriously.)

Upon his release the following morning, Johnny was approached by some Orlando news stations, and basically gave the most Johnny Damon responses ever to what had happened.

Fun fact, Johnny's most recent appearances on TV (other than the exiting jail interview with the news station) was on the Bravo Network's TV show Below Deck Mediterranean. If you've seen the episodes he's been on, then you know he's become all about the party during his retirement.

According to Alex Radcliffe, a cast member of Below Deck Med who is actually from Boston (so a massive Johnny fan), as soon as Johnny hit the boat, he and his friends and family were all about cracking open bottles and partying. He was actually interviewed by NESN about what it was like to meet Johnny and interact with him on board (which he had nothing but great things to say -- which, regardless of partying, Johnny HAS always come across as a fun guy that's just enjoying the moment.)

Thankfully, no one was injured in the whole scenario and it seems like Johnny has learned his lesson, based on what his feedback of jail and handcuffs were at the start of his interview with that Orlando news station.

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