The great Maine outdoors offers a plethora of opportunities for amazing adventures. Showcasing these adventures are a bunch of very talented Mainers.

As many woodsmen know, the best way to become a better hunter or angler is to get out in the field, mess up, and try over and over again, until you succeed. In today's modern world, some of this work can be learned by watching experienced outdoorsmen online. We compiled this list of stellar Maine-based YouTube channels that feature superb content for lovers of the Maine outdoors.

Big Woods Bucks:

Hunters from around the country tune in religiously to the Big Woods Bucks podcast. While you can hear the episodes on the Podcasts app, the BWB team also shares them on their YouTube channel. In addition, their content includes incredible footage from the team's hunts. Hunting the big woods of Maine takes a special breed of hunter, and these woodsmen make it look easy. Legendary Maine hunter and author, Hal Blood, hosts the podcast along with Joe Kruse and Lee Libby. BWB team members star in numerous films on the channel. Watch as Hal gets after an absolute MONSTER buck in his "Brutus" video. Team member Lee Schanz had a film crew as he finally got a chance to hunt a moose of his own. "Bad Lee" has a shortfilm on the channel tracking a massive buck he shot in 2018. There's plenty more content on the channel to binge, and get you fired up for various hunting seasons. Whether it be a podcast episode, or film, the information is incredibly valuable for a Maine hunter.

Chris Taylor's Maine Stream Adventures:

Another Maine outdoors channel worth subscribing to is Chris Taylor's Maine Stream Adventures. Chris is a fishing MACHINE. Tune in for tips and tricks on landing big bass, foraging in the Maine woods, and his excellent catch and cooks. Chris literally only needs a hook, line, and a stick to catch fish. More topics are on the horizon, including hunting, as he just launched his channel earlier this summer.

The Maine Hunt:

The Maine Hunt follows passionate hunters, Zach Martin, and Daniel Schaeffer. These guys really know how to get after big black bears, piles of grouse, monster bucks, long-bearded Toms, and mighty Maine moose. The channel features excellent cinematography, adrenaline pumping hunts, and an opportunity to learn and grow as a hunter.

Mainely Outdoors:

The Mainely Outdoors channel follows the variety of adventures of Jesse Rochester in the Maine outdoors. Jesse is an incredibly talented angler. Whether with a fly rod, baitcaster, or jigging on the ice, he gets after fish; big time. An extra component of his content is his fly fishing flies. Jesse ties basically all of the flies he uses in his videos, and sells them on his website. It's a unique feature of the channel to see what flies he utilizes for certain species of fish, what works well, and the fact that you can have him tie you up your own. In addition to his angling adventures, he's quite the hunter. The channel features numerous hunts for grouse, turkey, ducks, goose, and deer.

Fowlers Makery and Mischief:

For a little bit of everything, you have to tune-in to Zachary Fowler's channel, Fowler's Makery and Mischief. Fowler won the History channel's show Alone, where he survived for 87 days in Patagonia. His channel features content from fishing, building crazy contraptions (like his infamous hovercraft build), survival challenges, and catch and cooks. Give him a twig, a rubber band, and a rock; he'll find a way to hunt with it.

The Maine Trout Whisperer:

Chis, aka The Maine Trout Whisperer, is one heck of an angler. From watching his content, you can tell he has a huge passion for sport fishing. He's also extremely talented with a rod in hand. His channel features videos covering basically every sport fish the state is home to. Like Jesse from Mainely Outdoors, Chris also has a truck cap camper, which they both built on camera. The channel also features gear reviews with valuable insights as to whether a piece of equipment can stand-up to the demands of fishing in Maine.


While it's not based in Maine, the MEATEATER channel sets the bar for hunting content. The many adventures of Steve Rinella are exquisitely documented, not only on the YouTube channel, but also on Netflix. The YouTube channel, however, features far more content. The "Das Boat," and "Cal in the Field" series are excellent spin-offs. Ryan Callaghan filmed an episode here in Maine back in 2020. In the video, he and Brent West of the High Peaks Alliance took to the woods for a grouse and woodcock hunt. Another feature of the channel is the many cooking episodes, teaching hunters how make superb dishes with their hunted game.

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