Called "undeniable evidence of alien intervention" this documentary features interviews with the men who report being abducted by aliens while canoeing the Allagash in Northern Maine in 1976.

The story of four young men (twins Jim Weiner and Jack Weiner with friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rak) venturing into the Maine wilderness and returning changed men has been told many times in many forms from the 1993 book by Raymond E. Fowler "The Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention" to features on unsolved mysteries and "Abducted by UFOs".

The thing that makes this story so credible is for as much as it has been told, the stories from the men haven't changed a bit. From therapy to polygraph tests nothing has been able to disprove the frightening experiences of the men.

Their story is very bizzare, but also interesting. So interesting even celebrity Joan Rivers showed interest in the Allagash Abductions as is mentioned towards the end of this documentary.

The most interesting part of this documentary for me was when one of the abductees, Charles Foltz, shares how others reacted to him sharing his alien experience. Turns out a lot of people have seen or experienced similar strange things! But I guess he already knows he isn't alone...

What do you think?

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