Today is Teacher's Appreciation Day. And this is Teacher's Appreciation Week. Sure go ahead and enter our contest today. But also pause and thank all teachers. Three that I remember from way back in the olden days, Mrs Jewitt.  Mrs Jewitt rocked a mini skirt. Thank you Mrs Jewitt. Sorry I was only in grade school. I also remember in high school Miss Queen, but I remember her most for marrying one of the gym teachers, Mr Prince. Yes a Queen became a Prince. But most of all I remember, and give thanks for Mr Borins. He taught history.  Not sure how much I retain from his class, but I do remember him for a most important reason. He encouraged me to 'Go for the dream'. He probably was the first person of authority to say to a radio obsessed 13 year old, that if I someday wanted to be a deejay, then go for it. And Mr Borins, where ever you are, 'I'm still living the dream'.

So thank you!

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