First, it was great to see people outside Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion pre-show on Friday night.  Q106.5 goes for a couple of hours out front. We used to have backstage passes to give away, but that’s another thing that is gone due to Covid 19.

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Here’s hoping meet and greets will return and here’s hoping that the Delta Variant doesn’t keep growing so that tours have to be canceled or postponed again.  Not to be a Debbie Downer, but lots of people in conversation Friday night were thinking that it’ll be a toss-up whether by the time Brad Paisley is due next month if it’ll be a go or no go.  Fingers crossed.

Shout out to Tim Cotton Bangor PD.  Always nice to visit and chat with Tim.  His 2nd book comes out in October. Pre-order it now. Hint Hint.

And to those that sent a message saying thanks, if only you knew how appreciated those are.  Not necessary, but greatly appreciated.

So as we say on the Q106.5 Morning Show. “We get letters. Oh, we get letters.  Lots and lots of letters”  Let’s go to the mailbag and hear from:

Jonathan P who is a Maine Game Warden, but more famous for a full-on tackle of Cindy Campbell at an Egg Ride.

Jonathan says:

"I rarely win stuff and this was probably the highlight of the summer for my family!

It was a great send off for my oldest son and girlfriend (whose a big country fan!) she left the following morning at 6:00am to travel to Albany NY for college.


Courtesy Johnathan Parker
Courtesy Johnathan Parker

Brenda J writes:

"Had an awesome Birthday atThomas Rhett.  Thank you Q106.5. You are awesome"

Then there is Sara R who sends a selfie with her bestie Laura and a thank you for her winning the tickets

"Here’s a couple pix!  Our seats were great last night! Thank you so much!!  Ps…. Ur still not off the hook for babysitting next concert!! "

Courtesy Sara Rivera

And from Diane S who was told she won her tickets while she was in the shower.  If you haven’t heard it.

She writes:

"I just wanted to say thank you for interrupting my shower the other morning to tell me that I had won tickets to the Thomas Rhett concert last night. It was a great time and well worth it. I do think that I needed another shower after the concert though considering how warm it was."


Courtesy Diane Stephen
Courtesy Diane Stephen
Courtesy Diane Stephen

To all who say hi on the way by or even just nod or wave, thank you for your kindness. We are so grateful you are a part of the Q106.5 family.

Thomas Rhett Plays Bangor Waterfront

Thomas Rhett brings his Center Point Road Tour to Darling's Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor, Maine on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021.

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