Miley Cyrus wasn’t kidding when she warned rival coach Blake Shelton that she knows country. The singer, who of course is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, proved that when she and her team performed a classic country tune, "There’ll Always Be Music," front and center on The Voice on Nov. 15 — and slayed it.

Cyrus and her team members — Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker and Ali Caldwell — stood on platforms of varying heights in sheet music-themed ensembles and belted the Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner tune, each taking a line and then joining together for a stunning four-part harmony on the chorus. Cyrus showed that she certainly has the chops to back up the advice she hands out to her team members each week, her vocals so well-executed they’d shut down any naysayer. Though each singer has a very distinct style, the voices blend seamlessly for a jaw-dropping performance from beginning to end.

This is Cyrus’ first season as a coach on The Voice, contending with Shelton to snag the potential country artists off his plate. Shelton is the one to beat when it comes to wins, though, as his team has won more than any other coach’s, even Adam Levine, who has appeared on every season, as well.

The Voice kept it country this week by also bringing in Garth Brooks as a guest mentor, following a win for CMA Entertainer of the Year.

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