A Lisbon city worker was just doing a good deed, but the resulting picture is so sweet it will warm your heart.

How Did This Begin?

I always feel for people who work outside, this time of year in Maine. While I love all the beautiful holiday decorations put up by Maine's city and town workers, I try to remember that there were some people who stood outside in the freezing cold for hours, hanging lights and Christmas displays. That's what Johnny Westleigh was doing on Thursday.  Westleigh works for Lisbon Public Works, so I'm sure he's used to being outside a lot in the winter. But that doesn't mean it isn't cold. So it would be easy to ignore the passing pedestrians and just focus on getting done, so he could get back inside. Still, when he noticed a potentially dangerous situation, he sprang into action.

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Why Was He Helping the Lady?

An older lady was walking by with a cane and was approaching a portion of the sidewalk that was under construction and is uneven. Johnny walked up to the woman and offered her his arm. She gladly accepted and he guided her through the uneven pavement, giving her some extra stability.

As so often happens these days, Johnny's act of kindness was caught on someone's cellphone camera and then posted on the Lisbon Economic and Community Development Facebook page. The joy on the woman's face and Westleigh's gentlemanly demeanor tell the whole story. It's a Normal Rockwell moment, captured in real life.

Will You Be Like Johnny?

This holiday season, as you're bustling around, trying to get to your next holiday party or zipping through another store, remember Johnny. Be like Johnny. Be kind. Be thoughtful. And make someone smile. Thanks, Johnny, for bringing a big grin to my face and tears to my eyes. We need more people like you.

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