Living in Maine, it's hard to take in all of the wildlife and beauty that surrounds us. Sometimes it takes a watchful eye and a camera for Mainers like myself to focus on one thing in Maine to really see how special our home is.

Luckily for us Mainers we had a family come up and film one of Maine's most famous creatures, the Maine Loon, and showcase their beginnings that will get your 'awwws' met for the day.

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Check out this short video published on YouTube through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that is a little documentary that took place at Acadia National Park last summer. The video premiered July 2 and captures the early life of loons, which I as a Mainer was completely unaware of.

The documentary was filmed during the summer months of 2020 by a family of nature lovers including Jessica Laman, who narrated the documentary, her wildlife photography father, Tim, and her brother, Russell who filmed with a second camera.

The short documentary is filled with information about loons, their upbringing, their challenges, and their lifestyles. We learn that loon parents produce one to two eggs per year and that as soon as chicks hatch they hit the water.

The stunning videography gives you a sense of the family unit of the Maine loon. It successfully captures what life is like for mom and dad Loons guarding and nesting a new egg as well as the steps that little chick Loons have to take to become independent. You get to watch a few new chick Loons learn to navigate their new world of becoming a loon in the lakes of Maine.

It's a great short film of a special Maine creature that moves a little closer to your heart as you witness their hatching and growing up in our beautiful State of Maine.

Now, where can I sit down with one of these chicks for a cuddling sesh?

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