Did you see or hear anything strange in the Mercer area very early this morning? Someone did and reported it!


According to a report submitted to UFOStalker.com something strange was observed in the sky over Mercer, Maine around 1:30AM Tuesday Jan 31,2017. Here is the summary:

At first thought it was venus, but it changed colors and i located venus. looked like a strip of lights going around craft and changing colors. hovered then moved up, the abruptly to the left. turned all red, then disappeared. First saw directly behind my home over tree. i thought venus looks weird then noticed venus was more toward the west, and this object was due south. it had what looked like a strip of lights which changed colors. blue, green, white or yellow and red. it was still for a min or so the began moving higher. then it abrubtly turned left and moved across the sky before coming to a stop in the western sky. i heard no noise. it stayed in the western sky for a while. still the lights looked like a strip, kind of pulsating and changing colors in what seemed a random order to me. finally it turned all red or red/orange and looked like a ball then disappeared. i tried to get better pictures but my phones camera stopped working. very weird. have no idea what it was.

There have been 4 recent reports of similar occurrences over Mercer and 36 near Mercer reported to the website. Other recent reports include a triangle shape over Winsor on 12/10/2016 and tons of lights over Gray on 12/19/2016.

Here is the full report. Have you seen anything strange in the skies lately?

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