Sometimes inclement weather forces us to miss work, and that is not such a bad thing. Winter weather on occasion will make schools close. Ask your kids how they feel about that.

But sometimes storms cancels things that are one time events, and really need to happen.

On Monday, the Fill The Strand event that takes place each year on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day was forced to cancel. The event is an annual food drive and fundraiser.

It has been going on for the past 3 years and the food collected is for families in the Rockland area that are in need.

The seats of the theater are usually filled with a 10 pound bag of food and the financial goal is $25,000.

That will be a tough road because the event was not able to happen.

Empty comfortable red seats with numbers in cinema

This is where community rises up and says

We got this

The Strand Theatre does this event with Area Interfaith Outreach Food and Energy Assistance and this is one of their largest fundraisers of the year.

The organization allows families in need to come into the market and shop for food just like they would in a grocery store, minus the bill at checkout.

How can we help

Winter is the toughest time of the year for most financially with all the other bills that occur, leading to more and more food insecurity.

To support those fellow Mainers, donors can purchase a $25 seat sponsorship in place of the bag of food that would have been donated. Here is the link

Or you can donate food directly to the Area Interfaith Outreach and Energy Assistance, located at 1A Gordon Drive in Rockland..

Being kind to our neighbors and fellow citizens is only one of Dr. King’s messages, and this is a great way to support community.

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