The theft of catalytic converters in the Bangor area is on the rise. A video allegedly shows a brazen attempt to steal the valuable auto part from a truck parked at Bangor Mall.

A video shared on Facebook allegedly shows thieves attempting to steal the catalytic converter from under a truck, parked at Bangor Mall. The store employee confronts the individuals, who immediately retreat to their vehicle and drive off. The video was shared by Kathy Harvey, who says thieves have cut catalytic converters out from under the store's trucks several times.

Bangor Police tell us that they are aware of the incident, and are investigating. They add the video was helpful to the ongoing investigation. There have been no arrests.

Old Town Police recently said they're investigating several recent instances of catalytic converter thefts from residential and commercial properties in town. Police say taller vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, are being targeted because they're easier to crawl under to access the part.

Police offer a few tips to prevent this type of crime, saying:

"When possible park in well-lit areas and close to building entrances. Avoid leaving your vehicle in the same spot for an extended period of time. If you have a garage at your house, park your car inside and keep the garage door shut. Consider a home surveillance system and spotlight close in proximity to your vehicle."

Catalytic converters fetch a high price at scrap yards due to the precious metals within them.

Back in August, police nabbed 10 suspects in connection to catalytic converter thefts in northern Penobscot and southern Aroostook counties. The suspects allegedly stole more than 1,000 catalytic converters since December 2019.

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