If you’ve tasted it you know.

Maple Syrup.  Real Maple Syrup. With apologies to mass production and grocery store purchases, if you’ve tasted real maple syrup, this weekend is a special day.

A rite of spring in Maine. Maine Maple Sunday Weekend.

Yes, it is just too sweet of a day to have only one day, and indeed Maine Maple Sunday is both Saturday and Sunday. Check with the producer or producers you are going to visit for times and also if they are also participating on Saturday too.

And Maine Maple Sunday is all over the state

Maine Maple Producers
Maine Maple Producers


Maine Maple Sunday is always the 4th Sunday of March. This year will be the 39th year.  Here is the list of those who are ready to welcome you with demonstrations, samples, information and oh yea, syrup to purchase to take home.

Warning. You’ll never want store-bought syrup again. Evah.

Pancake a little bland? Won’t be with fresh Maine-made syrup.


And in case you are wondering, it is great to report that there will be no need for any Covid restrictions for Maine Maple Sunday. Freedom. Back to being the great family event it has been in the past and will be going forward.

Maine Maple Producers Association/Facebook
Maine Maple Producers Association/Facebook

Thank you to the more than 100 sugarhouses for opening their doors and entertaining and informing Mainers every year. And thank you for contributing millions and millions of dollars to the Maine economy.

Mainers love, and are proud of you and what you do.

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