Several accidents involving tractor trailers are causing State Police to ask big rig drivers to stay off the interstate until the blizzard passes.

In a post on the Department's Facebook page, Police ask that Commercial Tractor Trailer units stay off the Interstate in Central Maine, if at all possible, and get some rest at a truck stop. Multiple crashes involving big rigs are blocking off roadways and ramps, which is forcing traffic to come to a dangerous stop.

The accidents are forcing DOT crews to respond and open up the roads at the site of the incident, which is preventing them from doing their normal plow routes. Visibility is an issue on the highway right now and so Police ask that tractor trailer drivers take a break until the storm passes.

On Route 1, four tractor trailers have jack-knifed due to whiteout conditions. WGME reports town officials have halted all plow trucks due to such poor visibility.

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