When I see posts like this from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, I get pretty testy. Honestly, I'm not super liberal on environmental issues. My wife constantly reminds me how I could be doing more to help the planet, but at the same time, I'm no toxic waste dumper either.

What really concerns me, is that there are folks out there who seem to have no problem dumping their trash out in the woods. It seems like it would take just as much labor to pack it up and haul it out into the middle of nowhere, as it would to just take it to the dump. It's not like dump fees are outrageous.

Here's the post from Maine IF&W:

Fact: If you're a person that would just throw trash away in the woods, we can't be friends. Most of the "woods" folks access to do this, is private property that people are accessing through ITS trail system. So you could be dumping your trash not only in the woods, but someone's land! That ain't cool!

If you do witness someone dumping their stuff illegally, it's advisable not to confront them yourself. Call the authorities and see if you can get a plate number, or at least an accurate description of the vehicle they use. Even better, stay outta sight, and maybe try and get some video. That would really help authorities to identify and prosecute.

If you're a real saint, you and some friends could do some clean up after the fact, and help gather some evidence that you can also photograph. Either way, there's plenty you can do to help, without actually putting yourself in harm's way.

So be a good guy/girl and help keep the woods clean. Maine is a beautiful place and it would be great to keep it that way. Otherwise I have to go all crazy on people. Ha! And trust me, nobody wants that.

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