Police say an armed standoff near the Brunswick Naval Air Station is over, and the suspect is in custody.

UPDATE: WGME-TV reports the suspect in an armed standoff Monday morning was taken into custody, without incident. Residents of the neighborhood around Neptune Drive are now free to go about their business, after being asked to shelter-in-place.

WGME-TV reports police are involved in a standoff with a man who has a rifle at 744 Neptune Drive, which is in a former Navy housing unit. Police say a man with a rifle is located on the second floor of the building. Residents in the area of Neptune Drive are being asked to stay in their homes until police can resolve the situation, which escalated after officers were called to a domestic disturbance just before 1:00 Monday morning.

Police say the armed man is the only one in the building. His wife and child were removed early Monday morning. Negotiators have been trying to contact him, to no avail, so police are trying to draw him out with gas.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 


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