You’ve heard it said before. Maybe today is a day you’ll use the line heard around Maine about the weather.

"Don’t like the weather? Just wait a day."

Got that right. Don’t put away that winter coat or your boots just yet

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But first, today, Wednesday is expected to be a beautiful spring day. The kind of day that teases us, sure, but the kind of day that also brings us hope and thoughts of what is to come and how much we are going to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Getting out into the beautiful Maine outdoors is top of mind.

And today is a great day to whet your whistle for that anticipation.


But then the other other shoe, make that the other boot drops.

Blame the Midwest. A low-pressure system will come from the Midwest bringing our state our next potential for precipitation. Yes, Snow and mixed precipitation will begin early tomorrow with accumulations expected to the north. Elsewhere you might be saying "Oh sleet."

That’s tomorrow. Then comes Friday.

Ah, Friday. More precipitation to the region. Rain along the coast. A mix of rain and snow inland. And accumulating snow is expected over far northern Maine, with lesser amounts to the further south.

Snowfall amounts will be determined by how strong the secondary low front is that is expected on Friday. The stronger the low front, the heavier the precipitation and the higher the snowfall amounts.


A tap on the shoulder that we know even though it is getting later into March, we are not finished with ole man winter yet, and also a reminder to enjoy today.

Enjoy today is always good advice no matter what the weather.

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