Hey, you'll never believe this! There's another scam artist out there who is trying to take your money and do nefarious things with it. I guess I don't know that for sure, maybe the person is just trying to pay their bills, but there's gotta be a more honest way to make a living!

The somerset County Sheriff's office said there's a woman who is meeting up with folks who are responding to an ad to purchase a storage unit, and when she gets the money, she disappears. Police describe her as in her 40's with an average build, according to WABI TV 5.  

I know it often feels like the internet is just designed to take our money and run with it. And that's easy to do by totally legal means. But it's sad that there's folks out there who have to take our hard earned money and not earn their own. But definitely be careful when answering ads of any kind online. And if it seems fishy, walk away.

We've all learned the hard way, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. We will keep you updated with any further details as they come out.

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