Living in New England, none of us really had a vested interest in the big game yesterday. Sure, plenty of other folks had reason to celebrate and reasons to grieve. But around here, I'm guessing it was a great reason to have a couple extra beers, get a little rowdy.... and then regret the hell out of it the next morning.

Which leads us to today.... It is National Football Hangover Day! You think you're the only one? No way Jose!! Over 14,000,000 people called into work today. And if you are even remotely any kind of sports fan, not one single person will believe that you are actually sick in any way, shape, or form.

Now, if you're a bit on the devious side, you can turn this improbability of believability into vacation gold. See, if you were to just call in sick for one day right after the big game, no one is gonna buy your story. But... what if you were to call in for say... three days in a row?

Not only would people start to believe your web of lies, they would feel bad for doubting you in the first place. They may even feel bad enough to send a card around the office. you could possibly even ride that train all the way to Employee of the Month, if you could also make it seem like it you were really taking one for the team.

So I say, don't waste your time on petty one-day absences. Make this thing count and really milk it for all it's worth. If you pull it off, it's the stuff that legends are made of. The only question you need to ask yourself is... Do I have the guts?

Well, do ya?

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