Our team of experts -- after days of deliberations that lasted well into the night -- was finally able to choose 10 finalists Red Solo Cup photo contest. One of them will win front-row seats to Toby Keith's Sept. 2 show at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion and get backstage to meet Big Dog Daddy himself!

Now that we've chosen our finalists, its up to you! Here's how it will work:

We'll give you the weekend to look over all the finalists (all the photos are below) and contact all your friends and relatives so they can vote for their favorites. Then, we'll start the voting bright and early on Monday, Aug. 26 and keep the polls open until noon on Thursday, Aug. 29. You'll be able to vote as many times as you want for as many entries as you want.

We'll announce the winner live during the morning show on Friday, Aug. 30. Please check out our official contest rules. 

Got all that? But wait! Remember, we told you that we were going to pick one random entry and give that person two (2) tickets to the concert and a $100 "Toby token," good for Toby merchandise at the show? We did that, too! And that person is ..

Whitney Sinclair of Dexter! Congratualtions, Whitney! You'll be able to pick up your tickets and your Toby token at the Maine Trailer Box Office on the day of the show! Just make sure to bring poper identification.

But now, back to the task at hand! Look over the gallery below and get ready to vote on Monday!

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