It's funny, we all know what it's like to go inside the mall these days. Where it was once a thriving cultural and retail mecca, it's now become a bit of a dinosaur. There's constant speculation about what the future of the mall is, and only the people who own it really know what the next moves might be.

But if you go anywhere around the mall, it feels almost like the old days. Tons of cars in and out of Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Kohl's, etc. Even Best Buy seems to keep on chugging. Which is why it's slightly odd that Circuit City went out of business years ago. Their biz model was certainly similar to Best Buy, but it went away completely.

But back in 2009, the whole company went belly up. Since then, the lot has basically sat empty. For years, there was just an empty shell of a building, which housed the Spirit of Halloween store every year. Even an art gallery was in there for a while. Then, it was eventually just an empty lot.

Now, a New Hampshire developer, Brady Sullivan Properties, known in Bangor as True Storage Bangor LLC, is building a two story self-storage facility on the lot. You may even recognize their other facility a little further down the road, the Maine Space storage facility, located at 410 Stillwater Ave, according to the BDN.

Personally, I had no idea the Bangor area was in such dire need of self storage. It seems there's one everywhere you turn these days. Let alone one that's barely a half mile down the road from your other facility, but I'm no business man. I just talk smack, and play tunes all day for a living. I leave the money game up to the rich folks.

But now you know. Lord knows, it's nice to have something going in there, as opposed to just having another empty lot out by the mall. But I tell you, if a third storage facility pops in that area, people will begin to think it's a mob front. I'm totally kidding, but we all remember the money pile in Breaking Bad, right? Just sayin'.....

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