You probably know what a purple marking on a fence post means, but what does a white marking mean?

We've already informed you that a purple marking on a fence post, tree, or stone means essentially to keep out, or in other words, no trespassing. Here in Maine and a variety of other states, both private and business landowners will mark the boundaries of their pastures and wooded areas to keep people away from things like farm animals, pulp and firewood, and evergreens which are used of course to make Christmas wreaths.

So what should one do when one comes across a fence post with a white marking on it?

White markings on fence posts or painted white markings on the ground, in general, means that someone is excavating or will be doing so shortly. Business owners and contractors will pre-mark their proposed excavation site, identifying it clearly so that utility companies know exactly where they'll be digging.

If there's an underground water pipe or some other sort of utility cable buried in the ground at that location, representatives from the utility company can then inform whomever before any earth is actually moved.


The white fence posts pictured above surround a gravel pit just off the Downeast Sunrise Trail in Franklin and the owner will more than likely dig close to the boundary lines that they create.

Much like the purple-colored fence posts, it's also a good idea to stay outside of any boundary line that white-colored fence posts create, as the earth may collapse below you, and more than likely heavy machinery is in use.

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