According to a post on Facebook from the National weather Service, smoke travelling on the wind in the upper atmosphere should be over Maine on Wednesday afternoon, and hang around until Thursday. It's been blowing steadily across the U.S. and Canada for days, and sure enough, it's headed straight to us.

The NWS is predicting that most, if not all, the smoke should stay higher up in the air, and mostly just cause a hazy, not-so-sunny day for us. However, if the winds change, and smoke makes it to the ground, it could present some air quality issues for folks with asthma and other respiratory problems.

This graphic shows the current trajectory of the smoke's path:

So, if you look up on Wednesday afternoon, and the look of the sky doesn't seem quite right, or you catch the faint smell of smoke, now you know why. And if you do have the aforementioned breathing issues, this might be a great day to stay indoors and give your lungs a rest.

At any rate, we'll keep all the folks affected by the fires in our thoughts and prayers, and hope for a speedy end to the inferno.

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