Sometimes I think we avoid doing good deeds because they seem either impossible to pull off, or we think we can't afford to help...And then there are times where it becomes so easy to help out that it borders on being one of the of the funnest things you may do all year. And this event sounds like one of those times.

The folks from F.A.C.T., also known as Families and Children Together, is hosting a Sleepout for the Homeless on October 13th and 14th at the Paul Bunyan Campground on outer Union Street in Bangor. For $22, the same as it would cost to rent a camping spot for the night, you can hang out and enjoy a nice, crisp fall night under the stars.

Registration for this event ends on Friday, October 5th, so you only have a limited window to get everything in order. Register here if you'd like to participate. Also, there is a spot where you're more than welcome to make a donation to the cause, if camping out in October doesn't sound fun to you. Maybe you hate the cold, maybe you hate tents....who cares! But you are more than welcome to help out in any way you can.

So dig out the tent, and the sleeping bags. Maybe the Coleman lanterns and the Monopoly board too! But if you do find yourself out there, just remember that there are folks who have to live this way all the time, and often without even half the luxuries you may bring for yourself. But, you will be doing something to help. And for that, you're awesome!

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