I seriously doubt that I'm the first person to discover this, but as I was going through my "Memories" on Facebook this morning, I accidentally happened upon a way that you can actually see who has unfriended you. And it actually works. It's not one of those dumb things that have been floating around for years telling you to copy and paste this, or re-post that. This is super simple.

There's a couple different ways you can do it. You can do it once a day in your memories section, and do it by individual post. Or, you can go back though your photos and get the same results.

Here's what you do: go to on an old post or photo, and click on the comments, which will also bring up the folks who "reacted" to your post. If you click on that list, people who have unfriended you will be un-checked and offer you an "Add Friend" icon instead of a "Message" icon.

So you'll see a long list of folks that are your friends, and a few people who you could add as friends, but that you were obviously friends with before or they wouldn't have commented on the photo. It'll look kinda like this:

face blur

Be weary of photos that you are tagged in, but did not post yourself. Then there will be tons of people you could add as friends, but chances are, you were never friends with them before.

Now, there's no crazy rocket science going on here. But if you really want a solid glimpse into who has unfriended you on the old Book of Faces, this will work. Sure, maybe I'm unleashing knowledge that could start a lot of fights, but hey, I'm nobody's dad.



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