When I was younger, my mother would go off for hours at a time about how nasty she thought tattoos were. I think she tried really hard to discourage me as much as possible from getting one. When she grew up, it was a much more polarizing subject. She thought only criminals and bikers had tattoos. This was 30 years ago, and obviously, times have drastically changed.

These days, expressing yourself through art you put on your body, is everywhere. I have them, most of my friends have at least one. Heck, one of my co-workers here in the building used to be a tattoo artist. So today, we're going to celebrate body art in all its glory. Here are a bunch of your tattoos that you posted on our Facebook page!

This is just a sample of all your awesome tats you shared on our Facebook page. Some had amazing colors, others were heartwarming tributes to family members who had passed on. So many different types! tattoos are such personal things, it's great to see what other folks hold so near and dear to them.

So, always, let your freak flag fly, and never feel the least bit bad about your ink. Sure, we all have one or two that we wish we could cover up or do over, but it is what it is. You were young once, and it will show forever. But it will always be yours and no one else's. And no one can take that away.

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